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Bedroom ideas for a better night’s sleep

We spend a surprising amount of time in the bedroom - around 227,468 hours sleeping  during our lifetime on average, and countless more relaxing at the end of a long hard day. It makes sense that of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom should be a cosy safe haven waiting to welcome us when the day is done. Here, we'll share 10 quick easy bedroom ideas you can use to refresh your room and improve your night's sleep - [...]

Shabby chic couch

Add some shabby chic style to your home

Shabby chic decor first appeared in the eighties and since then, this eclectic interior trend has grown in popularity. The shabby chic look is about worn or rustic furniture and accessories that have an aged appearance but contribute to an overall grand, charming feel. Some people make the mistake of thinking shabby chic is all about shabby, worn out things - forgetting the 'chic'! Shabby chic furniture can be worn, but can also be grand and elaborate, like this beautiful painted wooden wardrobe in [...]

Pasta in jars on kitchen shelf

35 kitchen storage ideas for a tiny kitchen

If your kitchen is tiny and you always find yourself struggling for room, these 35 clever kitchen storage ideas will help you take back your workspace and stay organised. 1. Magnetic wall If your worktops are often covered in pieces of paper - school letters, the bin calendar, bills to pay and so on - cover a wall or the side of a cabinet in sheet metal and create your own magnetic organiser to keep everything tidy (above left). This requires [...]

Charcoal matt paint behind a sofa

Using matt paint in a family home

Matt paint is right on trend but you might be wondering whether or not it's a good choice for the family home. Matt paint and small children was once a combination that did not mix very well. Little grubby fingermarks would require very careful dabbing and in most cases, either the paint would be disturbed or the mark would remain. Now, matt paint has evolved and washable matt paint  or ‘durable matt’, as it's known, is a thing. This [...]

Guest room ideas - towels folded as swans

Guest room ideas for the ‘hotel luxe’ touch

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or you’re freshening up a family member’s room to accommodate your guests, there are a few easy, quick and cheap guest room ideas to give your guests the luxury hotel welcome. Refresh the paint Giving the walls a repaint is a quick, cheap way to completely refresh a guest room and give it a brand new feel. Make sure you paint well in advance of your guests’ stay, as the smell of freshly painted walls isn’t [...]