6 Simple Spring Updates for your Home – featuring oak furniture

6 Simple Spring Updates for your Home – featuring oak furniture

With winter almost over, it’s time to shake off the cold weather and dark nights.  It’s relatively easy to bring spring well and truly into your home As a season that inspires us to feel invigorated, now is the perfect time to give your home a little makeover. We’ve put together 6 simple Spring updates that can be implemented into your home with very little disruption and little cost. All of these will enhance your oak furniture too!

Say it withoak furniture flowers

Spring is full of new life. The first flowers blooming, blossom on the trees and birds chirping make this the ideal time to bring
these elements into your home. A very effective way of doing this is with flowers. Whether you opt for potted bulbs like fragrant hyacinths and daffodils on windowsills or vases full of fresh spring flowers on the dining room or hallway table (oak furniture goes so well with natural blooms), they’ll go a long way to bring Spring well and truly into your home and a lovely scent too.

In with the new

Most of us will hunker down and make do in winter. We often put off replacing and updating old furniture, but now it’s time to seize the day and embrace new styles and trends. Bring a new lease of life to interior design with oak furniture – it’s timeless, durable and versatile. Whether you want to refresh your bedroom with coordinated oak bedroom furniture or smarten up your lounge with new oak living room furniture – oak furniture is sure to have an impact.

Switch up your fabrics

table1Another simple way to give any room a new look and feel is to update those transferable pieces, such as soft furnishings. Pack away those cosy throws and heavy linens from beds and sofas and switch up your cushions, bedspreads and other fabrics. Replace them with bright, lighter fabrics full of colour and your home will feel spring ready. Fabrics along oak furniture choices such as dining table runners or dining chair cushions will give your oak furniture even more of a lift.

The inaugural ‘spring clean’

You can’t get ready for the year ahead without the annual spring clean. It’s not a task that many relish. However, the benefits of giving your home a thorough clean from top to bottom are worth it. It’s a brilliant way of making you and your home feel refreshed and as good as new. Make sure to read up on how best to clean your oak furniture to make it look spring fresh!

A breath of fresh air

With the weather getting a little warmer, now is the time to also air your house out. Flush out the stale air and grime that winter can bring. Open those windows and doors, let the fresh air and light flood into your home as much as you can.

Embrace new colours

Spring is all about colour. One of the best ways to bring that colour and life into your home is to embrace new spring colours. Bright greens, warm yellows, popping pinks and vibrant reds are all bang on trend for 2017. And, you don’t have to go all out and paint an entire room with these hues. Adding pieces such as ornaments, cushions or artwork next to your oak furniture will do the trick. This allows you to have a fresh new home for spring without replacing the furniture you love.



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