Creating a romantic atmosphere with oak dining furniture

Creating a romantic atmosphere with oak dining furniture

oak dining furnitureChances are you’ve already decided on what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day, be it a meal at home or a fancy dinner out. However, have you really thought about how you dine on a regular basis? Having a romantic meal once in a while is one thing, but creating the right atmosphere in the dining room for you and your loved one every night is possible. With this in mind, we explain how a few small touches and some gorgeous oak dining furniture can truly create an intimate dinner date every night of the week.

Make it easy to dine together

There’s really no reason not to find the time to sit down across the table from your loved one for a meal every night. Sitting down at a beautiful oak dining table really can be a treat to enjoy every day if you plan it well. Make it easy for yourself by planning your meals in advance. Slow cookers can really help you create beautiful stews and soups (perfect for the winter) even if you’re working all day and with just 5-10 minutes prep in the morning you’ll have a stunning dish to enjoy for your evening meal. In addition, perhaps invest in an oak sideboard for the dining room to hold all you need to set the table quickly and efficiently. This way, you’ll have everything to hand and be ready to eat at your beautifully laid table.

Light it well

oak1Another way to make the atmosphere cosy and inviting in the dining room is by investing in good lighting. Oak dining furniture is naturally cosy looking, so team it with the gentle glow of a soft lamplight or even some candles if you’re feeling particularly romantic. If you’re not too keen on candles, then perhaps a mains light with dimmer switch would suit you better.

Dress to impress

We don’t mean you should change into something fancy for dinner every night. However, one aesthetic you should consider if you want to make your evening meals special is your table dressing. Invest in a good centrepiece for your table, as well as some quality crockery and cutlery. Plain white plates and water glasses can look beautiful against the natural wood of an oak dining table. And, if you lay them out nicely, it’ll give you that ‘restaurant feel’ at home.

TV dinners don’t bring romance alive

In today’s busy world, we don’t often stop for long enough to enjoy time together. You may have the loveliest dining room, with sumptuous oak dining furniture, a gorgeous view and stunning place settings. However, if you bypass the dining room for a quick TV dinner most nights, you’re missing out. Why not make the effort to really make some time to eat together? You may be surprised at how romantic a weeknight dinner can really be.

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