Design tips for oak furniture and more to create a natural bathroom

Design tips for oak furniture and more to create a natural bathroom

bathroomTraditionally, bathroom design has been reserved for practical purposes, with a greater focus on functionality. However, with modern bathrooms there has been a significant shift. The aim is to create a space that’s not only practical, but luxurious and sensual at the same time. This can be achieved in many ways, depending on your personal taste and style. One fantastic way to add depth, warmth and character to your bathroom is to incorporate wood into the design, just like you would in other areas of your home. However, when using wood it’s important to be aware that oak furniture may require a little extra care in an area with more water and moisture. With the right treatment and choice of wooden furnishing, it’s entirely possible to create a sensuous and stunning look for bathrooms of all sizes.

The wonders of oak furniture

displayLooking past the core requirements for a bathroom, you should also consider storage. Whether it’s used for stowing away toiletries, loo rolls, cleaning products or bathroom towels – adding stylish storage into your design provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with oak furniture. You can create a wonderful feature in your bathroom with wooden furniture. Choosing a hardwearing and classic material like oak will ensure your oak furniture will last and never go out of style.

Oak blanket boxes that you might find in a bedroom can double up as useful bathroom storage. They offer a vast space for linen as well as a seat or surface for placing towels or decorative items. Similarly, if you have the space, an oak display cabinet or oak bookcases can provide ample storage space. They also serve as an attractive focal point in your bathroom.

It’s not all about tiles

Tiles have become a mainstay choice for bathroom floor and wall covering, as they’re easy to install, clean and maintain. However, a well-cared for wooden floor or even wall cladding or bath panel can be just as practical. This is providing you use high quality wood, it’s well fitted and treated with the correct sealants. Sealants need to prevent excess moisture from seeping into the wood and warping it. Another benefit of using wood over tiles is that it will add a natural warmth underfoot. It can be easily updated with a new coat of varnish or paint to transform the room without the need to completely replace it.

Striking reflection

oak furnitureAnother key feature of most modern bathrooms is mirrors. These not only have a practical purpose, but will also reflect more light into a room. This will make a space feel bigger and airier. If you want a simple and effective way to add wood and a natural feel to your bathroom, then an oak mirror is the answer. The contrast of the wooden frame against tiles or a painted wall will add bags of character. It will also add different textures to the room, giving it a rustic style.

You can also add other wooden accessories such as wicker baskets, wooden pots and ornamental items too.  These will all work to enhance the natural warmth and character that wood brings into a home.

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