The Endurance of Oak Furniture

The Endurance of Oak Furniture

Oak is and has been used in furniture making for centuries, dating as far back as the medieval times. Although fashions and functions have changed, it still proves to be incredibly popular. Many feel that it is enduring and versatile choice of material in modern oak furniture making.

The early days of oak furniture

oak furnitureAs a furniture building material, oak started from rather humble beginnings. Its initial use was to build functional and practical furniture pieces such as tables, chairs and other common household items for storage. Due to plentiful supplies in UK forests at the time, it was a cheap material. It could be found in all kinds of homes regardless of wealth. Oak was also an incredibly strong and durable material. Furniture makers could create long-lasting, sturdy pieces of household furniture that proved to be great value. This is because they were able to withstand heavy use and be handed down to future generations.

As fashions changed and the versatility of oak was realised, people began to develop new styles of oak furniture. This is when the carpentry professions really began to prosper. Craftsman could hone their skills to meet the increasing demand for oak furniture. They could also develop more ornate and elaborate designs for oak bedroom furniture and more luxurious pieces.

Interestingly, people chose oak as the wood of choice for shipbuilding right up until the 19th Century. It also began to be used in different ways, such as decorative wall panelling in prestigious buildings like the House of Commons and aristocratic homes.

Natural beauty

11c5029e3d0313d0e33f828aa8d127aaWhile much of the initial popularity and demand for oak can be put down to affordability, availability and durability, there is also a lot you can say about its beauty. The wonderful natural textures, grains and variety of colours that oak offers also play a huge part in its endurance. Whether you choose dark, rich oak dining furniture with classical designs, or lighter oak lounge furniture with a contemporary twist, your home will have stunning natural beauty that is timeless and hard to beat.

Using wood in your interior design can add a great deal of depth, texture and warmth to an area. These aesthetic characteristics, combined with its durability and strength as a furniture building material, make it a top choice for home furniture today. With any oak furniture, you can be sure that the wood will last for years with the right craftsmanship and care. This will deliver a timeless piece that will always be in style.

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