Fabulous ideas for dressing your oak furniture

Fabulous ideas for dressing your oak furniture

Oak furniture on its own can lend a certain sense of warmth, texture and style to the interior decoration to your home. Adding a few extra decorative details on, in and around your oak furniture can make it look even more stunning. However, when it comes to dressing your oak furniture it’s always going to be important to choose the right style. The types of decorative items, colours and materials chosen should ensure you accentuate the wood and heighten its natural beauty.Here we’ve put together some fabulous ideas for dressing oak furniture. These can be incorporated into all types of interior designs, whether you love classic or modern styles.

Keep things simple

oak furnitureWhen it comes to dressing oak furniture, a key element is not to overcomplicate the decor with lots of different pieces. Too much going on could have the opposite effect for accentuating your piece. For example, a lot of oak lounge furniture like bookshelves or dressers may well be used for storage, as well as a stylish feature. Finding the right balance between aesthetics and function is key to it standing out for all the right reasons. An over-dressed piece of furniture runs the risk of looking cluttered and untidy. However, too much distraction for the eye will also detract away from the wood’s natural beauty.

Colour is key

dbdc7b6d9312848918662e54671b6435The fantastic thing about oak, whether it’s oak dining furniture or bedroom furniture, is how well it works with almost every colour. From white, cream and earthy tones to greys, greens, reds, purples and blues, oak can be complemented by contrasting colours. To really make lighter oak tones stand out you can add a brightly coloured ornamental piece or fabrics with bold tones. Darker oak can be beautifully enhanced with sunshine yellows, crimson pinks and crisp whites. This really highlights the contrasts – providing a great focal point.

For this very reason, choosing some decorative pieces will work brilliantly. Think of ornaments, picture frames or fabrics in contrasting colours. It will showcase the oak furniture and create an interesting feature.

Love your lighting

oak furnitureAnother fabulous way to dress oak furniture is with lighting. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a pretty table lamp, candles or simply opt for metallic or glass ornamental pieces.  Adding an element of light to your oak furniture will work wonders, creating a striking feature and a warm glow.

 Whatever you choose to do to highlight your oak furniture, do it with confidence. You’re sure to make a great impression.

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