Give Oak Furniture Some TLC: It’s Easy and Quick

Give Oak Furniture Some TLC: It’s Easy and Quick

Oak is a popular material in furniture, because of its durability and longevity. This is why it is a worthy and practical investment, especially if you want to get the most out of home furnishings. Most importantly oak furniture is simply beautiful. Even in its simplest design, the natural wood grain and color makes every piece stunning to look at.

It can add character and statement in your home. Not to mention, that old-world and sophisticated feel. When it comes to aesthetics, oak enhances it effortlessly.

Despite it being sturdy, however, oak furniture does require TLC, if you want it to last even longer. Minor care and maintenance would also prolong its beauty. The operative word here is minor, which means you don’t need to do much to take care of oak furniture.

Regular dusting

Regular dusting using a soft cloth is all you need to keep the furniture looking clean, new and fresh. No hard scrubbing required whatsoever. In a matter of minutes, your work is done.

Remove dirt

Dirt is likely to accumulate in hard-to-reach areas, natural dents and corners. Remove it using a damp cloth, and then follow it up with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure not to scrub the area with force, or risk leaving scratches.

Mop spills right away

Liquid spills happen, especially on oak dining tables, coffee tables and even cupboards. When this happens, mop up the liquid as soon as possible. Use an absorbent cotton or sponge to remove spills, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth. You should also remove any sticky residue, and then wipe the surface dry. Rinse and repeat, until any or excess water is removed.

Use coasters and placemats

A good way to protect oak furniture from watermarks, scratches and heat rings is to use placemats and coasters. Do the same thing if you want to place houseplants or centerpieces on any oak surface. This will help prevent damage to the furniture, further extending its lifespan.

Don’t use nail polish remover for whatever reason

Whether you are simply removing your nail polish, or trying to remove stains on an oak surface, you should keep a nail polish remover away, as it can stain and bleach oak furniture. The damage can always be repaired and the furniture restored to its original state, but you’re going to need a specialist’s help to do that. Why spend money unnecessarily?

Keep away from heat sources

Oak furniture should not be positioned close to radiators, oven and even in direct sunlight. The sources of heat can affect the overall appearance of oak furniture. Too much sunlight exposure, for example, can cause bleaching and color fading. It you don’t have much of a choice, reshuffle furniture pieces frequently.

Put a space between the wall and oak furniture

Oak furniture needs some breathing space. This is why it should be placed approximately 25mm away from the wall. Allowing air to flow around the furniture, will keep oak at a suitable temperature. This will keep the furniture looking fabulous for longer.

As you can see, caring for oak furniture doesn’t involve elbow grease. So do give it lots of TLC.

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