Gorgeous guest rooms with oak bedroom furniture – the perfect combination

Gorgeous guest rooms with oak bedroom furniture – the perfect combination

The festive season is but weeks away and your preparations may already be well underway. With the turkey ordered and Christmas decorations twinkling everywhere, your home is sure to be more welcoming. But, don’t forget to also think about accommodating all your guests. If you’re hosting overnight guests, whether it’s the grandkids, in-laws or friends, you want to make sure your guests are perfectly comfortable during their stay. Oak bedroom furniture can help turn your guest room into a comfortable and welcoming place, but there are other tips you can employ too.

In many homes, guests rooms are inaugural dumping ground for items you may not use everyday. Or, sometimes they might serve a dual purpose such as a home office, but that doesn’t mean your guests have to be cosying up to your belongings. When it comes to your guest rooms, simple and thoughtful touches and great oak bedroom furniture can go a long way to creating a luxurious and relaxing environment that can still be practical.

A freshly made bed

oak bedroom furnitureNaturally, it goes without saying that ensuring guest beds are made-up with freshly laundered sheets, comfy pillows and a duvet is a given, whether it’s a pull out sofa-bed in the study or an actual bedroom. However, little touches like a velvet throw or soft wooly blanket and matching cushions can make it look extra homely. Also, supply guests with clean towels, which always look nice, neatly folded and laid out on the bed or on a chair in the bedroom.

Keeping things neat and tidy with oak bedroom furniture


Another vital element to consider with guests is storage space. Not only is it vital to stow your items away neatly and keep them out of sight, but also to make sure your guests have somewhere to put their clothes too.

For bedrooms, investing in spacious oak bedroom furniture, such as a matching oak wardrobe and chest of drawers will look super stylish. Not only that, but will also provide plenty of space for everyone. Just be sure to clear out some hanging and drawer space.

If you’re converting a home office, you can also incorporate oak sideboards, dressers, or small chest of drawers for storing essential items for both parties; and of course oak blanket boxes can work well in any room for extra storage space, seating and a stylish focal point.

Finishing touches


With everything stowed away and a clean, comfortable bed, you can also impress guests with some thoughtful finishing touches. Consider putting a mirror and bedside lamp within easy reach, supplying miniature toiletries, a fresh flowers, reading material and refreshments. These can all work beautifully to create a gorgeous guest bedroom for even the most demanding of visitors.

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