On Knots and Wood Grains of Rustic and Modern Oak Furniture

On Knots and Wood Grains of Rustic and Modern Oak Furniture

What is great about oak furniture is that you have an option to choose pieces that showcase their wood grain and color variances and patterns. It’s like bringing in a piece of nature from the outside, creating that continuity inside and outside of your home.

Real wood has a personality that is unique in every piece of furniture. There’s the occasional wonky ovals or knots that cut across the wood grain, giving the surface character and style. Some knots are more or less defined. Either way, they ensure no two wooden surfaces are exactly alike. So, if you are looking for furniture items that are unique, choosing oak is the best way to go.

There are also benefits to choosing rustic oak furniture.

  • Its wonderfully natural appearance helps create a homey and comfortable atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to live in the house that exudes warmth and comfort?
  • The choice of wood speaks for itself. When furnishing your home with oak furniture, you don’t need to add anything complicated or showy. The pieces of wood furniture already have enough personality and character to draw attention and improve your home’s aesthetics.
  • Offers a diverse choice of home furniture. There’s virtually oak furniture for every part of your home, from the dining room to your home office. There’s also a wooden furniture piece for all your needs. There’s an oak computer table, computer cabinets, filing cabinets and pedestals for your home office.

There are also designer pieces that you can choose from. If you’re one of those ‘showy’ people and those who prefer anything grand, you’re going to love a dining table that doesn’t have the usual four legs or symmetrical design.

Modern oak furniture, on the other hand, can be made with a more streamlined look, showing less grains and color variance. An oak shelving unit or bookcase that hardly has any grains and knots is a fine example. One way to achieve this is through natural selection. That is, pieces of wood without knots or dramatic color variances are chosen before production begins. The finished product is undeniably gorgeous and smooth to look at, but the process is more expensive and less environmentally friendly, as a direct result of discarding wooden pieces that didn’t make the cut, so to speak.

Whether you choose rustic or modern oak furniture, you are guaranteed a durable, practical and beautiful choice. When you go shopping, remember 3 important things – style, solution and cost.

  1. Oak furniture comes in a wide range of styles, and what you choose can make or break the aesthetics of your home. So select an item that is current, with just a hint of the classic.
  2. Choose pieces that offer bespoke solutions to a limited space, need for additional storage or awkward corners. With a variety of oak furniture to choose from, you will surely find a solution for your interior design problem.
  3. Spend wisely on furniture items, especially because they’ll be subjected to wear and tear. There should be a balance of cost and quality, something that oak furniture can guarantee.

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