The Perfect New Year’s Dinner Party With Oak Dining Furniture

The Perfect New Year’s Dinner Party With Oak Dining Furniture

The holiday season is just weeks away; and while the lead up to Christmas may be considered the main event, it is also a good time to start planning for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. With the eve of a new year imminent, many of us will be thinking about the best way to celebrate 2017; and there’s nothing better than hosting a fabulous dinner party. Whether you have four guests, or fourteen, the intimate setting of a dinner party, always lends itself to a memorable New Year’s celebration. However, to pull off a fantastic and memorable party it does require some planning and forethought beyond the selection of edibles and beverages – and you should certainly consider oak dining furniture too.

Dining with dignity with oak dining furniture

oak dining furniture

With your menu decided, it’s time to start planning the logistics of your evening and the first place to start is in your dining room. When hosting any kind of social event, you want to maximise the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. This is particularly important with seated occasions. Making sure there is plenty of room to manoeuvre at the tabl will avoid clashing elbows and guests having to squeeze out in an undignified manner if they need to get up.

This is where investing in a larger table or quality oak dining furniture. A Table with a built-in extension can make a real difference. It will offer the flexibility to add more seating for guests, allowing you to comfortably accommodate everyone and it will look stunning too. However, it’s important to ensure the table is the right size for the room when extended – having someone on the end, pinned to the wall is not an ideal scenario!

Bottoms on seats

oak dining furniture

In addition to creating enough space at the table, you also want to make sure everyone has a comfortable chair to sit on. You should also make sure that your chairs complement the rest of your oak dining furniture. While you can draft in chairs from elsewhere in your home, if you want to give a lasting impression and show great attention to your guests comfort, investing in oak dining room chairs that match your table are the perfect finishing piece. This level of detail is guaranteed to make your New Year’s Eve or Day dinner party one to remember.

With some extra consideration for preparing your dining room for a New Year’s Eve dinner party, which can also extend to oak dining furniture such as matching sideboards and dressers, you’re sure to impress your guests and see the dawn of a new year in complete comfort and style.

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