Preparing for the perfect family get together using oak dining room furniture

Preparing for the perfect family get together using oak dining room furniture

Z_6X3T_D4There may be a number of reasons to get the family together, but with key dates coming up like Mother’s Day, Easter and the May Bank Holidays there’s even more reason to gather everyone in one place and celebrate. However, having everyone all under one roof can be a little stressful and cramped at times. With this in mind, we’ve got some great tips on how to prepare your home for family fun. From de-cluttering your living room to giving your dining room a fresh look with new oak dining room furniture, whatever the occasion you’ll be prepared.



Assessing your dining room

oak dining room furnitureWith more bodies in the house, you’ll need to factor in catering for them. Therefore, having a dedicated space for dining is essential. Whether you have a separate dining room or an open-plan kitchen-dining area for your oak dining room furniture, there’s plenty you can do to create a relaxed, comfortable and stylish space.

Firstly, think seating. While drafting in additional seating and tables from around the house may be an option, it’s can look a little miss-matched and someone will always get the wobbly chair or a table leg in their way! So why not consider investing in an extending oak dining room table that’s small enough for everyday use, but will have a greater capacity for when you have the family round. Complete the look with plenty of oak dining chairs or even an oak bench that can be stored away when you’re not using them!

Refresh your living room

Inevitably, during a family gathering there will need to be a little down time. This is especially true after a big family dinner. This is where your living room will play a key role. It provides a place for everyone to relax.

However, you need to make it feel as spacious and comfortable as possible. Also, it must have enough seating and surfaces for drinks. De-cluttering and re-assessing your lounge furniture can be a great way to create more space. It will also help establish what you need. Repositioning moveable furniture such as sofas can help to maximise the space. Or, utilising multi-functional furniture, such as oak Ottomans will double up as storage and extra seating. Just don’t forget to add a few plush cushions. Also, coffee tables with shelving or internal storage will add more surface space. They’ll also keep things looking neat and tidy. Another great addition for oak living room furniture, could be a nest of tables or oak side tables. These can be conveniently tucked away in a corner until needed!

Cater for the little ones

Finally, if you have little ones to consider, you’ll know that kids can easily get bored. This is  particularly true when there’s a lot of ‘grown up’ talk! You can help stem the boredom and make them feel special by creating a little play haven somewhere in your home. Why not dedicate a play corner in your living room or turn one of your rooms into a makeshift play area? You can make the kids feel special and ensure they are well entertained while you’re entertaining.

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