Transform your lounge this Christmas with oak lounge furniture

Transform your lounge this Christmas with oak lounge furniture

Inevitably for most of us, Christmas is about socialising with family and friends. However, much of this entertainment happens in our own homes. While cramming as many people into one place as possible is often part of the charm of this jolly season, it often makes for a cramped occasion. This is particularly true in those key entertaining areas such as the living room. In order to make sure you lounge is a serene, comfortable and welcoming space for socialising; we’ve got some great tips for preparing your lounge for additional guests with oak lounge furniture, without the need for a complete redecoration.

Seating for everyone with oak lounge furniture

oak lounge furniture

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A key priority for transitioning your lounge from TV room to entertainment space is making sure you have enough seating to accommodate your guests.

Adding multi-functional furniture like oak blanket boxes or pouffes with internal storage helps to keep things neat and tidy and adds some extra style. Most importantly, however, they will double up as seating. When they’re not in use you can simply stow them in a corner out of the way until next time you have guests. Incorporate temporary benches in your lounge that can always be re-purposed elsewhere in your home once Christmas is over too.

Move the focus away from the TV

Naturally, during everyday use, most of your seating is centred towards giving a good view of the TV. However, this is the last thing you want when you have guests. When planning your seating, position seats so they aren’t looking at the TV or create a different focus in the room. You can use accent piece or mirrors to detract attention away from the box.

Tables on the side

oak lounge furniture

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One of the big problems facing lounge entertainment is somewhere to place drinks or plates. Having a set place not only helps to prevent spills and stains, but also makes for a much more civilised and relaxed affair. For this reason, incorporating occasional side tables, a central coffee table or accent tables in key areas of the room its essential. It will always provide a convenient place to put a glass down.

Lighting the way

Another key aspect of creating a sociable space in your lounge is to get the lighting right. Lighting plays a key role in creating ambiance,so avoid the bright central light and use diffused lighting to create a cosy atmosphere. Using table lamps, fairy lights and even candles gives a much warmer, intimate feel to your festive gathering with a twinkly glow.


Whoever you’re entertaining this year, using the above tips is sure to make your guests feel comfortable and sociable too!


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