Warm your home with beautiful oak furniture and flooring

Warm your home with beautiful oak furniture and flooring

As an interior design material, wood has been a long-standing addition to homes all over the world. This is not only because of its beautiful grains, colours and textures, but also because it can add a little warmth to our homes too. However, you don’t have to re-create a complete log-cabin look to achieve great results with oak furniture, as adding small accent piece of wood throughout your home can be just as effective in adding a little extra warmth and character to your decor.

Wooden Floors

oak furniture floor

Wooden floors are definitely a great way to add a little luxury and timeless style to your home. Not only that, but they have plenty of practical benefits too. Firstly, wooden floors, whether you opt for hardwood flooring or laminate, can add a great deal of warmth and character to any room in your house. In comparison to other hard-wearing flooring types like tiles, they feel much warmer underfoot and they’re incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Wth quality hardwoods, and the proper care they will also be durable enough to last a lifetime.

Feature wooden walls

oak furniture

It’s also possible add additional warmth and depth to your home decor with Scandi-style wooden walls. It doesn’t have to be wall to wall panels though. You can always opt to paint them to keep your home looking bright and airy, but they will add an extra layer of insulation, which is particularly handy on external walls. They can also add an attractive focal point within your home.

Wonderful Oak Furniture

It’s also entirely possible to add extra warmth to your home decor simply by incorporating oak furniture into all areas of your home. Any room benefits from wooden furniture, whether it’s contemporary oak dining room furniture, classic-styled oak bedroom furniture or vintage pieces that have been restored. Even just one statement piece in a room will offer contrasting textures that emanate warmth and charm.

oak lounge furniture

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Decorate with wood

Beyond wooden flooring and furniture, you can also add interesting focal points within your home design with wooden accessories, ornaments or wall hangings. For example, a stunning oak mirror for the lounge is a brilliant accent piece. It works well to enhance natural light, space and warmth at the same time.

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