Oak Furniture Winter Wood Care Guide

Oak Furniture Winter Wood Care Guide

blog2pic2With winter well underway, many of us will be switching our central heating on full pelt to make sure it stays nice and cosy indoors. However, have you considered the effects the extreme heat or even the extreme cold of winter can have on your natural oak furniture?

Even though your oak furniture isn’t exposed to the harsh weather outside, the dramatic changes in temperature inside can still have an effect. Wood is a breathable and porous material. This makes it more susceptible to temperature and climate variations even inside. Therefore, it’s important to give natural wood a little extra TLC and consideration for the winter months. Doing so will ensure it stays looking lovely for longer.To help you keep your wood looking great all year round, we’ve put together some winter wood care tips.

Find the right position for oak furniture

Natural wood doesn’t appreciate exposure to extreme temperatures. This is why you may want to consider the positioning of your oak furniture pieces during winter. Make sure wood furniture isn’t placed directly in front of or in very close proximity to heat sources such as radiators and open fires. This will help to minimise the effects of heating your home. Similarly, you should also make sure it isn’t positioned directly against the wall or in an area that may be prone to damp or excessive moisture. Too much moisture or damp mould can cause natural wood to swell. In addition wood can warp and in extreme cases rot, so considering both hot and cold temperatures is a must.

Good ventilation

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Of course, we realise that in most homes there isn’t always a lot of flexibility for moving oak furniture away from heat sources. However, you can make sure rooms are well ventilated, which can also help. Allowing ventilation will reduce humidity and moisture in the air which can cause damp and mould. Keeping natural wood furniture at a more consistent temperature all year round is essential to ensuring it looks good.

Give it a little extra moisture

Part of the beauty of natural wood furniture is the stunning natural grains and knots it brings into your home. Whether it’s a dining room table or an oak chest of drawers in your bedroom, these aspects give furniture character. However, the knots can be more prone to drying out, warping. In some cases knots can fall out when not properly cared for – especially when exposed to direct heat. A good way to counteract this is to apply specialist wood oils, waxes and polishes to the surface. This is  obviously dependent on the type of timber and finish you have. The process will help to keep the wood moisturised and give extra protection against heat and any accidental spills. Before applying any wood care products, it’s recommended to seek professional advice. After all, the wrong product could leave you with smears or affect the grain of the wood.

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