Copper wallpaper large

2016 trend update: Copper and warm metallics

Forget cold, sterile silver and chrome - warm metals became the must-have for interior design back in 2015 - and mid-way through 2016, the trend sees no signs of stopping. Copper is really affordable and both the high street shops and designers are continuing to innovate with this striking metal, finding new ways to inject stylish details into your home. A wider variety of materials and textures offers a slight twist on the original trend, with copper joined by rose gold and antiqued [...]

Floral wallpaper by Laura Ashley

The return of granny florals

Minimalists beware - this year, granny florals have made a comeback in the home, but they're a far cry from your Nan's sage green velour couch. The big blowsy blossoms and manic meadow prints that we replaced with whitewash walls and drab neutrals are once again filling our homes with wit and whimsy, according to the interior design experts at Elle Decor. We think this look works best if you choose just a few statement pieces against a simpler backdrop but [...]

Girl holding shell to her ear next to the seaside

Nautical decor – bringing beach house to the home

With Summer well and truly set in, it's the perfect time to overhaul your living space and give it a fresh, seasonal feel. The nautical look is all about capturing that summer's-day-by-the-seaside feel, and it's easy to achieve with just a few simple changes. Colour palette Think sea blues, sandy beaches and whitewashed wooden huts with brightly coloured roofs. You don't actually want to create a seaside scene in your room - more give yourself a subtle reminder of long lazy afternoons [...]

Summer house ideas

Summer house ideas for a welcome retreat

Transforming your garden shed or outbuilding into a summer house gives you a welcome retreat on warm summer days or balmy evenings. Sit and relax with a cool glass of wine or a fruity cocktail, curl up on a comfy chair with your favourite book, or use the space for your favourite arts and crafts. Or give your children their own magical area to sit or play, away from the grown ups. With these easy summer house ideas and a little [...]

Summer wooden bird house

Summer decorating ideas to refresh your home

Summer officially started on June 20 but you'll be forgiven for not noticing. The odd day of sunshine has broken up the days of unsettled, cloudy and wet weather with thundery downpours and flooding right across the country. Thankfully, things are starting to change, with experts forecasting that a 'Spanish plume' could bring with it a heatwave and six glorious weeks of sizzling sunshine. With summer finally on the horizon, it's time to refresh your home with these summer decorating ideas to welcome [...]

Hallway ideas

Transform your hallway with these gorgeous hallway ideas

Your hallway is often the first 'room' that your guests see when they visit your home and sets the tone for the rest of the house. The Victorians regarded the hallway as an area of great importance, where they would welcome their esteemed guests and demonstrate their wealth and good taste. But in many homes today, the hallway is a bit of an afterthought - somewhere to dump shoes, coats and bags before moving on to another area. Here we look [...]

Minimalist interior with wooden flooring

Can a minimalist interior work for a family?

In home design, minimalism is about reducing each room to its necessary elements, where 'less is more'. The minimalist interior look is about creating a mood of extreme simplicity where very element is functional, fuss-free and beautiful. If you manage a busy family home, you can be forgiven for thinking that the minimalist interior is reserved for single young twenty-somethings and retired couples with grown up children. However, this style of design can be really beneficial for your family. Cluttered rooms [...]

Bedroom with mixed wood finishes

How to mix wood finishes and make it work

Perhaps you've moved into a new home with wooden floors that don't match any of your furniture. Or you've spotted a gorgeous table or stunning sideboard going for a bargain, but you know it doesn't match what you've got already. If you're wondering whether mixed wood finishes can ever look good, the answer is yes! Gone are the days of matching every item of furniture in your room - mixing wood finishes rather than matching them is a huge trend that [...]

Bedroom ideas for a better night’s sleep

We spend a surprising amount of time in the bedroom - around 227,468 hours sleeping  during our lifetime on average, and countless more relaxing at the end of a long hard day. It makes sense that of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom should be a cosy safe haven waiting to welcome us when the day is done. Here, we'll share 10 quick easy bedroom ideas you can use to refresh your room and improve your night's sleep - [...]

Shabby chic couch

Add some shabby chic style to your home

Shabby chic decor first appeared in the eighties and since then, this eclectic interior trend has grown in popularity. The shabby chic look is about worn or rustic furniture and accessories that have an aged appearance but contribute to an overall grand, charming feel. Some people make the mistake of thinking shabby chic is all about shabby, worn out things - forgetting the 'chic'! Shabby chic furniture can be worn, but can also be grand and elaborate, like this beautiful painted wooden wardrobe in [...]