How to Add Warmth Inside and Outside of Your Home

How to Add Warmth Inside and Outside of Your Home

Who doesn’t want a home that is warm and inviting? It would be amazing to live in it, and people would find themselves revisiting just to experience that warmth again. But how do you create that kind of atmosphere and environment?

By making the right choices in interior design.

Start with a welcoming entrance

If you want to create a strong first impression, then you need to give your home’s main entrance the right treatment. It’s the first thing that people see, after all, and they can generate an impression at the first sight of it. You want your home’s entrance to beckon and invite people to come in, rather than make them hesitate on the doorway. Or, turn their backs and go away altogether.

How do you pull this off?

  • Choose colors that create a warm and calming atmosphere. A neutral color palette that consists of beiges, creams and browns is an excellent choice. Not only would it make your entrance welcoming, but also give a glimpse of what the atmosphere will be like inside. The color combination also gives you the flexibility to use a wide range of shades, from light to dark.
  • Add a detail or two that is close to your heart, or reflective of your personality. A Welcome sign made by hand, or a rug in your favorite color will do just the trick. How about a door knocker and knob that represents an object or an animal you love?

Furnish your home with oak furniture

Wooden furniture is one of the most effective ways to make any home interior or exterior feel warm and welcoming. It is, after all, a natural material, which invokes images of tall trees, lush grass and the outdoors. It’s like being welcomed in Mother Nature’s embrace. While any type of wooden furniture will add character and warmth in your home, oak furniture creates a cozy and homey balance. It is a practical choice as well, because of its durability and longevity. There’s no question about its beautiful appearance too. When its natural rings, irregularities and wonderful flaws are enhanced rather than covered up, the more rustic and inviting an oak furniture would look and feel.

It may be a bit more expensive than other varieties of wooden furniture, but it is worth the investment. You will be able to recoup whatever you spent on it long before you need to replace it. So deck out your living room with Oak bookcases, coffee tables, sideboards and mirrors. For your dining room, add Oak cupboards, benches dining table and chairs and wine rack.

Accessorize the right way

Accessories and other embellishments, ornaments and the like can bring together all the other elements in your home. Think of it as a glue that ties everything up, and ensure continuity and seamless look and feel. Warm and inviting accessories are things that you love or represent your personality. Books and photographs never fail to personalize aesthetics, rather than just mere furnishings. Flowers and scented candles would add that comfortable and relaxing feel.

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