Colours That Match Oak Furniture

Colours That Match Oak Furniture

Colours That Match Oak Furniture

If you have just got yourself some amazing new oak furniture or you having a style overhaul, then you need to know what colours go with oak furniture. Oak furniture is highly versatile and can pretty much go with every colour that there is. Oak furniture comes in a number of colours, meaning that your colour options are endless.

You are able to accent oak furniture with neutrals, as these will make your furniture stand out whereas warmer colours will blend with the furniture and create a subtle look.

Oak Furniture and White

White comes in many shades like ivory and creamy white, which work well with light, dark and honey coloured oak. Your room will look fresh when you pair your furniture with a white shade. Cool ivories will accent your pieces and warm creams will blend with the furniture.

Oak Furniture with Earthy Tones

Earthy tones include browns, tans and rusts and pair well with oak furniture. You can create a cosy feel to a room with earth tones and oak furniture.

Oak Furniture with Grey

Oak furniture looks great with grey, but lighter oak furniture works especially well with grey. Your room will instantly be modernised with this cool cooler combination.

Oak Furniture with Greige

If you love the colour grey, but would prefer that your oak furniture blends into the room, then you can consider the colour greige. Greige comes in many shades and tones, which makes it a great choice for oak furniture.

Oak Furniture with Blue

Blue is a versatile colour that comes in many shades and is able to work well with a range of oak furniture.

Oak Furniture with Green

Green represents nature and oak furniture pairs well with olive green. You are able to bring in a touch of the outdoors with green.

Oak Furniture with Purple

Purple is a bold choice for walls, but it does make a statement. Purple contrasts beautifully with oak furniture. Create some drama in a room with purple.

As you can see you are not limited with your colour choice when you choose to buy oak furniture. The colour that you choose will depend on the mood and look you want in the room and if you want your furniture to pop or to blend.

Oak furniture is a versatile choice and no matter what your style is, you will find the perfect pieces of furniture.

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