Create a statement with oak bookshelves

Create a statement with oak bookshelves

Whether you’re looking for additional storage or simply to make a nice feature in almost any area in your home, oak bookshelves could be the perfect answer. Although they get their name from storing books in times gone by, there is now much more to these versatile pieces of furniture than you think. And, with #shelfie now a regular trending topic on Twitter people are showcasing endless possibilities. Bookshelves can now add character, order and style to any room.

Think beyond books on your oak bookshelves

Oak bookshelvesOf course, it’s likely books will be a firm feature on your oak bookcase. After all, they are the ideal place for them. However, a bookshelf brimming with books can have the opposite effect of making a room look neat. With shelving, the key is to find the right balance and volume of objects. You need to ensure the eye is drawn in for the right reasons – not because it’s an eyesore!

This is where minimising the amount of books you store on shelving units should be the plan. You need to balance them out with other items with different shapes, sizes and textures, such as photographs, ornaments, plants or candles. This can help to break up the mass of books, even if you opt for one shelf dedicated to books and others solely to accent pieces. In turn, this will ensure your oak shelves look more like a feature in the room than just a storage place.

Create more storage

cgp01b_1The purpose of creating a stylish feature with shelving as part of your  dining room, bedroom, bathroom or even hallway may be to put things on display. However, there may be things you’d prefer to keep out of sight.

There are a few options here. If you like an open bookshelf style, then why not add woven baskets or funky boxes to the lower shelves for concealed storage? Alternatively, there are a number of oak bookcases with built-in drawers to keep things out of view or even oak display cabinets.

Dressing your shelves

z_lbc_d1When it comes to dressing your shelves, first of all consider the items you would like to have on display. These may be favourite trinkets, keepsakes or simply items you haven’t got a proper home for. With everything gathered together, you can then begin to decide which items go where.

To begin with, it’s always a useful to start with placing books, as these take up the most space. You can then select different ornamental pieces that fit in any free space. An approach that looks great is clusters of books on a shelf accentuated and balanced out by decorative pieces.

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain when it comes to your book placement. Try mixing up the flow of a shelf by placing books flat on the shelf, rather than vertically. This will break up the area and draw the eye in.

Also, ensure that smaller items don’t seem lost by teaming them with several larger items or layering an area. Put smaller items at the front and larger items that complement them behind.

Whatever you place on your oak bookshelves, balance design and practicality and you won’t go far wrong.

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