35 kitchen storage ideas for a tiny kitchen

Pasta in jars on kitchen shelf

35 kitchen storage ideas for a tiny kitchen

If your kitchen is tiny and you always find yourself struggling for room, these 35 clever kitchen storage ideas will help you take back your workspace and stay organised.

1. Magnetic wall

Kitchen storage pots and notice board

If your worktops are often covered in pieces of paper – school letters, the bin calendar, bills to pay and so on – cover a wall or the side of a cabinet in sheet metal and create your own magnetic organiser to keep everything tidy (above left). This requires a bit of DIY but it’s easy to do with Landee’s blog post as your guide.

Image source and instructions: Landeelu

2. Magnetic pots

Magnetic pots provide smart kitchen storage for your herbs, spices and small items – mount them to the fridge (above right), freezer or cooker hob so they’re close by when you need them. You could also use a metal sheet (as for the magnetic noticeboard above) or metal notice board to create a magnetic area for them – the back of the door, on the wall, on the front of cupboards or anywhere at all in the kitchen where there’s a bit of free space that isn’t being used.

Image source: Home Decor Catalogs

3. Back of the door storage

The back of the kitchen door is often completely unused and it’s a huge space that’s just waiting for some clever storage solutions. Look for easy ‘over the door’ hooks, or specially designed units that give you a whole door-space worth of shelves or baskets to fill up.

4. Undershelf storage

Undershelf storage
Your cabinet shelves have two sides for kitchen storage – the top and the bottom! Undershelf storage lets you use both by giving you a basket or container that slides onto your shelf to hold bits and pieces.

Image source: Closet Maid

5. Stackable shelves

Stackable shelves kitchen storage
Stackable shelves are a cheap and easy way to double the space of your kitchen cabinets and make it easier to get to what you need.

Image source: Live Simply By Annie

Compact recycling bin idea6. Compact recycling bins

A lot of the recycling bin solutions you can buy are made up of three individual bins that sit side-by-side.

In a tiny kitchen, there’s simply no floor space for this arrangement – which is why Ikea’s ‘Trofast’ toy storage units (right) make the perfect solution.

With three bins in a single unit, there’s a bin for glass, metal and paper, but it only takes up the floor space of a single bin – perfect!

You can customise your bins and remind yourself what goes in each by writing on them or sticking on a polaroid photo or printed picture.

Image source: Ikea.com.

7. Clever cup storage

Who says cups have to take up valuable space in your cabinets? There are plenty of places they can be stored that free up cabinet space while keeping them neat and tidy. Here are four fantastic kitchen storage ideas for hanging up your cups that don’t involve cramming them in a cupboard.

Clever cup and mug kitchen storage
Image source (clockwise): Homedit.com, Organise.com, All that shines, The Trendy Sparrow

8. Pegboards

Pegboards and rails kitchen storage

Pegboards  (above left) are an easy way to transform an unused wall into a kitchen storage spot for just about anything.

Image source and instructions: Apartment Therapy

9. Rails

Putting up rails (above right) keeps stuff off the worktop and frees up cupboards and drawers. Hang utensils near your cooker ready to be used for cooking. Use hooks to hang up pots and pans, lids, sieves and culinders.

Image source: Stagetecture

10. Paper towel holder

Why put your kitchen towel on the worktop when it can hang up on the wall? (above right) Keep your worktops free from clutter with this simple idea.

11. Bin-in-the-cupboard


Where floor space is tight, putting your rubbish bin in your cupboard is a great solution. This clever design from Lakeland (above left) simply hooks onto the top of your cupboard door.

Image source: Lakeland

12. Magnetic hooks

Magnetic hooks (above right) transform the front of your fridge or freezer and anywhere else in your kitchen that’s magnetic into space to store your tea towels, keys, oven gloves and anything else that’s fairly light which could be hung up.

Image source: Harbor Freight

13. Hollow island

Kitchen island storage breakfast bar

An island in the middle of the kitchen or jutting out from one wall creates a huge amount of additional storage and workspace – and doubles as somewhere to sit and eat when you need it. Choose fold up chairs that can  slot away or be hung on the wall.

14. Narrow shelving

Got a small corner spare? Look for a tall thin cupboard that will slot nicely in, giving you extra shelf space without taking up space on the floor. CD and DVD racks like this large oak CD/DVD unit from Croft Oak Furniture can be ideal for the job as they are tall and narrow, perfect for when you have very little room.

15. Fake drawer fronts

Fake drawer front storage

Fake drawer fronts under the sink can be a waste of space if there’s room behind – and you can transform them to a clever pull out storage space (above left).

Image source and instructions: The DIY Club

16. Inside cupboard doors

You can buy all sorts of clever storage solutions to attach to the inside of your cupboard doors, keeping your cling film and foil (above right), plastic bags and other bits and pieces neatly tidied away. Don’t let this valuable storage space go to waste.

Image source: My Sofa Beds

Wine rack single tier storage17. Wine and bottle racks

Don’t store your wine or drinks bottles on the worktop or buy a floor hogging unit – the top of your kitchen cabinets are a great place to keep it tucked away, without taking up valuable room. Single tier wine racks (right) are the perfect way to keep the bottles in position.

Image source: Wine4u

18. Tension rods

Tension rods and drawers under base units

Tension rods are an amazing way to create all sorts of storage solutions around your kitchen. Use them to hang cleaning bottles under the sink, or create slots in your cupboards for chopping boards and baking trays (above left). You can also use them in drawers to create a divider for your pan lids.

Image source: Live Simply by Annie

19. Under cabinet space

Plenty of us cover it up with a plinth but the space under your kitchen base units makes valuable storage for utensils, glasses, pots and baskets. Just pop them in plastic boxes with lids to ensure that they stay free from dust and dirt until you need them. Alternatively, if you’re feeling fancy, build your own drawers into the space (above right) to make sure you utilise every inch – check out the link to the tutorial on the Family Handyman website below.

Image source and instructions: Family Handyman

20. Room above the window

Got space over the window? Mount a shelf and use boxes and baskets to keep things neat and tidy.

21. Space on top of cabinets

The top of your kitchen cupboards makes for great storage space – use boxes with lids to keep things tucked away and safe from dust.

22. Extra shelves

If your ceilings are high, put up an extra shelf above your kitchen cabinets to create even more valuable storage.

23. Hooks inside cupboards

Hooks storage inside kitchen cupboard doors

Aside from storage solutions, hooks are a simple and very cheap way to utilise the inside of your cupboard doors. Check out these four super smart ways that use hooks to take advantage of this unused space.

Image source (clockwise): Life Hacker, Ask Anna Mosley, Jenna Burger, Organise with Sandy

24. Ends of wall units

There’s usually nothing on the end of your wall cupboards, so use this space to mount hooks, small shelves or a wipe board for more organisation space.

25. Ends of base units

The end of your cabinet base units is the perfect place to mount a knob rack – hang up pots and pan lids, tea towels, chopping boards and anything else that requires a sturdy peg.

26. Magnetic strips

Rather than having a knife block, put up magnetic strips on your walls to safely store knives without taking up room.

27. Wall mounted dish drainer

Dish drainer over sink

If you’re short on space near the sink, mount your dish drainer on the wall to create more room.

Alternatively pick up a hook-on dish drainer that can be neatly mounted onto a rail above the sink, with plenty of space for utensils too! (above)

28. Fold up seating

No dining room? Invest in a fold-down breakfast bar for your kitchen that can be tucked away when it’s not in use. Alternatively a narrow shelf at the right height can provide just the right amount of room for a bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee! Fold up chairs can be mounted on the walls with strong hooks and easily tidied away when you don’t need them.

Stove cutting board29. Cutting board

Your stove space is wasted space when you’re not cooking – so why not invest in an over-the-stove cutting board and put it to good use? (right) These over-stove chopping boards have gained popularity recently, so there are plenty to choose from.

Image source: Apartment Therapy

30. Drying mat

If you’re short on room to drain your pots once they’re washed, a drying mat is a great solution. Rather than taking up space like a clunky dish drainer, you can use it then simply hook it up once it’s not needed.

31. Pot lids

Kitchen storage for pan lids

The lids for pots and pans take up a lot of space and they’re not used very often. Store them away using a pot lid organiser – or for a cheaper solution, a plastic box will minimise the room they take up and keep them tidy. Another clever trick if you have a bit of free space on the wall is to use a towel rail to tidy them away (above left) or use tension rods in deep drawers to keep them tucked neatly at the front (above right).

Image sources L – R: Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple

32. Stick on stuff

Attach stuff to the wall anywhere using Scotch fasteners. These simply stick on to what you want to attach, so you can put small things up almost anywhere without the need to drill.

33. Top of the fridge

Shelves over the fridge

If you’ve got a tall fridge, the top can be transformed into a fantastic kitchen storage area that can be used for almost anything. A small bookshelf makes a great place to store cookery books.

Image source (L-R): Fingerprints on the fridgeIndulgy

34. Stacked up jars

Kitchen storage jars

Vacuum seal jars actually stack pretty well, even though they weren’t designed that way – and as an added bonus, they look pretty when filled with different types of pasta, rice, lentils and pulses.

Shelf across kitchen window35. Window shelf

Don’t let windows get in the way of your kitchen storage space!

A shelf across the window (right) can be used to store pots, pans, bowls and cups, and the hanging pans underneath create a sort of curtain that’s quaint and practical at the same time.

Note the clever rack just to the right which keeps pot lids tidied neatly away, without cluttering up your cupboards.

Image source: Houzz

Uncredited images are licensed via StockPhotoSecrets.com.

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