2016 trends: Why matt black is hot

2016 trends: Why matt black is hot

We’ve seen a lot of vibrant colours surface in interior design through 2015 and 2016 – so 2016’s most daring trend, matt black, is perhaps a welcome departure. In the stores, we’re seeing a lot of black-themed accessories, fabrics, furniture and wall coverings, with a huge focus on the matt rather than the high gloss finishes we’ve become so accustomed to.

But surely black just makes a room seem small? Yes, kind of – but if you’ve got a small room, or you’re struggling with little natural light, painting it white probably isn’t going to help. In fact, in many cases, it’ll just make you feel like you’re sitting in a box. Using black throughout the room takes a problem area and turns it into a positive. The intense matt black makes it more difficult to see the corners and edges of the room, so the size is less obvious.

Black room interior

Image source: Evermotion

So what about contrast? Matte black and copper combinations are really hot. Yes copper, that 2015 trend that we thought would come and go, is still very much around – but combined with matte black, it makes a very unique style statement that we haven’t seen before.

Black and copper kitchen

Image source: Utility Design

Coppers have been joined by rose golds, antique brass and other warm metals, giving your rooms a jewel like glow. Matt black makes the perfect contrast:

Matt black and gold living room

Image source: Dream Home Inspiration

Some designers are pairing matt black with matt white – okay, nothing groundbreaking there – but it is an undeniably chic look, especially combined with elaborate lights, mirrors and accessories.

Black living room with chandelier

Image source: Speed Chic Blog

Black chandeliers white seating living room

Image source: Bestdsgn

Black matt walls

Image source: Dream Home Inspiration

If you find the usual black and white stripes and blocks a little cliché, you might be tempted by chevrons – the rug in this gorgeous room makes an otherwise fairly tame space feel dynamic:

Black and white room with chevrons

Image source: Home Caprice

Another gorgeous trend that we’ve seen in 2016 is marble. White marble pairs perfectly with black for some elegant 80s chic, or black marble blends effortlessly into the colour scheme, adding luxe to any room.

Black and marble lounge

Image source: Home Designing

Matt black undeniably makes a little touch of colour pop – and while black and purple can be something of a cliche, the subtle splash of colour in this room really works:

Matt black and purple room

Image source: Just Interior Ideas

There’s no need to paint the entire room in black unless you really want to – or even paint an entire wall. The amazing thing about using black in your decor is that it works really well in blocks and  panels. Create a geometric layout across the room, with horizontal and vertical blocks and panels – contrasting the black with whites, greys, neutrals and pops of colour. Going matt rather than shiny is the way to make this colour scheme more palatable – matt completely changes the end result – and of course modern matt paints work just fine in the busiest of homes. The chalky finish of matt paint softens the overall effect, so it’s dramatic but also really elegant.

Black and white bedroom

Image source: Designing City

Although matt black makes an amazing intense wall covering, whether used in blocks or around the whole room, that’s not where the trend ends. Matt black units have replaced shiny high gloss Ikea offerings in the kitchen, giving us an altogether more sophisticated look – while matt black furniture can be used to create visual interest in any room layout.

 Matt black kitchen units

Image source: Home Designing

Black and white dramatic bedroom

Image source: Designing City

Matt black bedroom furniture

Image source: Just Interior Ideas

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