Decorating With Oak Furniture

Decorating With Oak Furniture

Oak furniture has the ability to create a relaxed atmosphere in a home with its light golden and amber tones. Furniture that is made from oak is durable and sturdy. Oak furniture is used in traditional style, but there are now many modern pieces made from this wood. Also, oak furniture can have different finishes so that is able to compliment a modern style.

Compliment Oak Furniture With Colour

Oak wood has natural tones, which include gold, light yellow, honey and amber. There is also red oak, which has a natural red tinge to it.

The décor that you choose is able to either bring out the natural colour of the wood or it can subtly enhance the natural warmth.

The orange and yellow undertones of a light oak and honey oaks can be complimented with muted tones of blue and purple.  Shades of green, teal or grey that have a green undertone are able to compliment light and golden oak, but will strongly contrast with red oak.

A room can be kept light with light oak furnishings that are complimented with shades of cream, beige and white that has undertones of yellow or orange.

Using Fabrics To Compliment Oak Furniture

Area rugs can be used under a table that feature shades of sapphire, dusty rose, forest greens and burnished gold to compliment the natural wood tones and are pleasing on the eye.

A rustic feel can be created with upholstery made from wool, denim or leather that feature geometric patterns.

You are able to use oak furniture with white and pastel colours to create an English cottage feel that is light and breezy.

Oak furniture can also be mixed with other woods. Pair oak with walnut or maple to create a contrast and dimension to a room.

Change The Finish

There is a style called industrial chic and the go to furniture for this style is oak. Industrial chic is where vintage materials are mixed with a practical style to create a modern and urban feel.

The finish of oak furniture can be changed with a whitewash that is known as ceruse.

The technique for this finish involves opening up the grain with a wire brush and then adding a base colour that can range from clear to black. The distinct grain pattern is achieved by adding contrasting white grain filler. Depending on the base colour and the filler, this look can be bold or it can be subtle.

This is a great way to transform traditional oak pieces into modern pieces of furniture.

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