Exciting Design Trends for 2017

Exciting Design Trends for 2017

The dawn of a new year is nearly upon us, so what better time to start looking at some of next year’s biggest, brightest and most popular design trends for interiors. While there are some trusted favourites from this year still continuing to be popular, there are also some interesting new design trends too.

Transitional Flooring Design Trends

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It’s not uncommon in homes to find a plethora of contrasting textures, materials and colours that work to create dramatic and unusual looks in homes. However, one of the design trends that is gaining in popularity in home design is transitional flooring. It’s been a mainstay in commercial premises such as cafes and restaurants for a while, but it’s now going mainstream. The style uses two contrasting flooring materials, such as hardwood panels and ceramic tiles that are seamlessly and stylising. Designers then blend these into one another without the need for the traditional floor divider. It can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and even living rooms and dining rooms to create a wonderfully warm, practical and chic floor finish that’s beautifully complemented by oak furniture.

Colour watch

Of course, the colours and design trends you choose in your home are a personal choice, but next year decor colours are predicted to be an even bigger reflection of our personalities. Paint companies like Behr are actually categorising their colours for 2017 into three distinct palettes – confident, comfortable and composed.

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The confident is thought to be for the more creative types, who may lean towards bolder, brighter colours like deep blues, rich reds and lime greens. Composed is thought to be a little more conservative and traditional. Earthy shades of green and taupe are popular in this type. The comfortable choice comprises of soft yellows, pinks and blues that will make any space feel warm and inviting.

Wooden wonders

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It also seems that wood is going to remain a core essential in interior design for the next year too. There is an increasing trend towards dark wood for flooring and furniture. However, a trend that never seems to go out of style is oak. Whether it’s oak lounge furniture or oak dining room furniture it’s sure to impress. With rich textures, grains and versatility, why not choose a classic-style that will be in fashion for years to come? It will definitely be a good investment. And if you do want to embrace a new trend, you can easily update oak bedroom furniture. Just add a new lick of paint or varnish to keep it up to date.

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