Guest room ideas for the ‘hotel luxe’ touch

Guest room ideas - towels folded as swans

Guest room ideas for the ‘hotel luxe’ touch

Whether you have a dedicated guest room or you’re freshening up a family member’s room to accommodate your guests, there are a few easy, quick and cheap guest room ideas to give your guests the luxury hotel welcome.

Refresh the paint

White freshly painted guest bedroom

Giving the walls a repaint is a quick, cheap way to completely refresh a guest room and give it a brand new feel. Make sure you paint well in advance of your guests’ stay, as the smell of freshly painted walls isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Matt paints are a huge trend at the moment, offering a soft, dreamy finish that’s perfect for the bedroom. Choose a durable matt and you’ll be able to clean up any smudges or finger marks, ensuring your new décor stays fresh for longer.

Replace the bed

There’s nothing more important than a comfy bed for a good night’s sleep but people tend to invest less in guest beds as they’re not used as often. A comfy guest bed will make all the difference to your guest’s stay, so invest in quality. If you love the luxury look, a grand headboard or a four poster gives the room an instant luxury feel.

Invest in a decent mattress

If the mattress in your guest room is more than eight years old, both the Sleep Council and the mattress industry in general recommend that you replace it for a new one. However common sense should prevail here – if there’s a visible dip in the middle of the  mattress or you can feel the springs, it’s ready to be changed. If the mattress creaks as you lie on it and get off, it’s also clearly in need of replacement.

If your mattress is fine, make sure you rotate and flip it before cleaning the room to give it a new lease of life.

Block out the light

Curtains and blinds in the guest room

Although sheer flowing curtains may look beautiful, they are less amusing in the early hours of the morning when the light seeps through and wakes up your guests! If you want sheer, voile curtains, hang up white blackout blinds as well so your guests can keep the room completely dark when they’re trying to sleep.

Carry out a deep clean

Most of us care more about the cleanliness of our guest accommodation than how it looks, so giving your guest’s room a deep clean is a must. Dust thoroughly, hoover, wipe down the skirting and window sills, and give the windows a clean before your guests arrive. Look for grubby finger marks on light switches, doors, walls and furniture that can be wiped away, and don’t forget to thoroughly clean out any cupboards or drawers that your guests might use.


There’s no easier way to give your guest room a hotel feel than to tidy away all the clutter. Make sure any papers and possessions are out of sight and keep ornaments and decoration to a minimum.

Refresh the bedding

If your guest room bedding has seen better days, consider replacing it for new. You don’t have to spend much – a simple, plain dyed duvet set in crisp white or soft grey will give the room a nice clean feel. Give your guest bedding a thorough wash and dry it outside if you can, for a fresh clean scent.

Plump, comfortable pillows and a cosy duvet that’s the right tog for the time of year will go a long way to ensure your guest feels relaxed and refreshed. Use pillowcase covers – they’ll preserve the life of your pillows for longer and help give your pillows a fresher, cleaner appearance.

Leave an extra blanket

A comfy blanket left on the end of the bed gives the room a hotel feel and provides your guests with something to snuggle under if it gets cold in the night.

Mix and match cushions

Cushions - the easiest of guest room ideas

Cushions are one of the easiest guest room ideas to implement and they not only provide extra support for sitting up in bed but they also give the room a more luxurious feel. Choose colours that complement rather than match your decor and experiment with different patterns and textures to add interest.

Hang up a guest robe

A guest robe is a luxury touch but one your guests will appreciate if they didn’t have room to pack their own. Make sure the robe is washed and clean, and fold it next to the guest towels so they know they can use it.

Provide a bedside table

Guest room bedside tables

A bedside table gives your guests somewhere to put their phone, wallet, watch, jewellery and other small items at night time. It’s also a great home for a lamp, allowing them to sit and relax or read at night if they want to. If your guest room is a double, bedside tables either side of the bed will cater for both guests and give the room a well-designed symmetrical feel.

Buy in hotel goodies

One reason we love staying in hotels is all the luxury freebies and miniatures we get to use. You can give your guests the same little treats by buying some travel sized toiletries for the room – mini shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. If you regularly have guests over, consider popping a new packaged toothbrush and new miniature toothpaste in the room too, in case your guests forget theirs.

Provide refreshments

Hotels often leave their guests small bottles of water in case they need a drink in the night, and this is a nice touch that you can easily replicate. If you want to go a step further, a small drinks maker with capsules will give your guests a way to make coffee, tea or hot chocolate from the comfort of their room. Chocolates, sweets, biscuits and small treats further give the room a luxury hotel feel.

Fold up soft clean towels

Towels folded up as swans in a guest room

Towels that match the room’s bedding are a lovely touch – and as they’re guest towels, they should be soft, fluffy and inviting. If you dry your towels outside and find they end up a little crunchy, try shaking them vigorously before hanging them out. Fold or roll up your towels and place them on the end of the bed so your guests know they’ve been left for their use. If you want to give your room an uber luxury hotel feel, try folding your towels into swans or flowers.

Jot down the WiFi code

Rather than your guest using up their mobile data, leave them the Wifi password so they can connect their phone, tablet or laptop in the night. It’s a thoughtful touch that will save them scrambling around looking for your router if they can’t get on the internet.

Freshen the air

There’s nothing worse than sleeping in a musty smelling room, so make sure you open the windows and let the fresh air in before your guests arrive. Choose an air freshener that eliminates odours without giving off perfume, as they can set off allergies.

Leave space for clothes

Free up a rail and a couple of drawers for your guest’s belongings – they’ll appreciate being able to unpack their case and hang up their clothes, especially if they’re staying for more than one night. If there’s no hanging space in your guest room, consider buying a small rail to tuck in the corner, or installing a slim wardrobe with sliding doors to preserve the space. If space is at a premium, put up a row of hooks and provide a couple of hangers instead.

Leave space for them to tuck their case away too, so they’re not constantly falling over it every time they go in the room.

Hand up a mirror

Your house might be full of mirrors but guests like privacy, and they’ll love having somewhere to do their hair or quickly check their appearance before they leave the room.

Add decorative touches

Chandelier in a guest room

Small decorative touches can make a room feel more homely, but keep things simple. Ditch any dusty pot pourri or tired dried flowers – keep things modern, neutral and simple with a couple of simple ornaments or a little wall art. Look for décor that’s universally appealing such as a countryside scene, rather than quirky items that could be like marmite.

A soft rug with a high pile next to the bed will be a welcome cosy addition for your guest’s feet when they climb out of bed, especially if you have wooden floors in the room.

Consider giving the room a few touches of grandeur to give your guests a more luxury experience – a canopy over the bed, dramatic lighting such as a glittering chandelier or dramatic curtains with an excess of fabric, swept up by stylish tie-backs – all of these will give your guest room the ‘hotel luxe’ touch.

Provide books or mags

Your guest might have time to themselves and nothing to do, so leave a few books and magazines in the room that you think might appeal to them. If they’re new to the area, guides to local places to visit could be of interest.

Overhaul the bathroom

Guest bathroom with rolltop bath

Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom is another spot that hotel guests are very particular about. Whether your guest will have their own en suite or will be using the family bathroom, you’ll need to give it a deep clean so it’s shining, fresh and welcoming.

Make sure they have privacy

Staying in someone else’s home can feel rather overwhelming, especially if it’s difficult to get away for a few moments. If you have lively little children, appreciate that your guest might need downtime and provide a lock on their door so that they can retreat whenever they want to. Make sure the kids know that your guests won’t need an alarm call.

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