Brighten Up Your Home For Autumn

Brighten Up Your Home For Autumn

Brighten Up Your Home For Autumn

Autumn is here and with that you may consider changing your décor to create a brighter feel for the season ahead.

Here is how you can brighten your home for the autumn.

Use the Autumn Light

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are making the most of the natural light in your home. Making small changes can intensify the light. You can change heavy curtains for light ones for instance.

However, autumn does get darker as we make our way into winter, so taking advantage of the natural light, which will begin to fade might not be enough.

There are still plenty of ways though for you to brighten up your home for the autumn.wh3c-hc-7

Use Your Space

A cluttered home will always feel darker no matter what the time of year is. You need to use the space in a way that gives you more space so that you are opening up your rooms to create a brighter feel.

You can also give the illusion that your ceilings are higher by painting vertical stripes on your walls in contrasting light and dark colours.

Contrasting colours can also be used in other areas to create a brighter home.

Go for neutrals for a light feel, but avoid whites that have a grey or green base, as these will make the room feel darker. Try creamy neutrals, yellows and crisp whites that are contrasted against a warm taupe for instance.

Have Plenty of Mirrors

A beautiful mirror that is well placed can give the illusion that a room is bigger and brighter. Put a large mirror opposite a light source to reflect light through the room.

If your room is slightly smaller, then try a long mirror in an alcove or on the back of a door.wh71-p-4

Be Creative With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are known as a Christmas must have decoration, but they can be used throughout the year. A great way to use fairy lights is to use them with mirrors. Brighten up your bedroom with a string of LED fairy lights around your dressing table mirror.

Have a look in your home and see where else you can use fairy lights to brighten up your home.

You can use them on a bookshelf that is tucked away in a corner, on your mantle or even at the foot of your bed.

Also, don’t forget that you can create a light home in autumn through the use of lamps as these can brighten any area in your home.


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