Choosing oak bedroom furniture – A complete guide

Choosing oak bedroom furniture – A complete guide

oak bedroom furnitureCarefully chosen and positioned furniture and decorative detailing all contributes to the ambiance in your bedroom. This can help you feel more relaxed and get the downtime you need every night. Our guide to buying oak bedroom furniture will provide you with great advice. You’ll soon ensure your bedroom is a haven for relaxation, comfort and style.

Measure up and plan

First and foremost before you hit the shops, it’s incredibly important to take accurate measurements of your bedroom and draw up a rough outline of the room. Be sure to measure both the length and height of walls and any fixed features. Knowing the exact measurements and placement of windows, radiators, plug sockets or any other fixed features will give you a clear indication of what will fit where. There’s nothing more annoying than discovering your new wardrobe is too big to fit in the space.

Size matters

Following on from measuring the room, you’ll also need to consider the size of furniture you use in your bedroom. While you may have grand designs on a king size oak bed, you may need to consider downsizing to a standard double with small rooms. Otherwise, the entire bedroom will be taken over by the bed and you’ll have little room for anything else.

When choosing the size of furniture, be realistic about the amount of space everything will take up. At the same time, be practical about the items you need and compromises you may have to make. For example, opting for a larger bed with no or just one bedside table may appease those wanting a bigger bed. Or, looking at a smaller wardrobe, combined with storage underneath the bed could give you more floor space.

Similarly choosing oak furniture that’s too small for a bedroom can make the room look vast and empty. Therefore if you have plenty of space, go for bigger furniture to make it feel homely.

The layout


Equally important is the layout of your bedroom and when it comes to buying oak bedroom furniture, it’s a good idea to have a layout in mind beforehand.

The main focus of the layout should be the bed and when positioning your bed. Whether it’s centrally on a wall or tucked up against a wall to create more floor space, allow for walkways – ideally with a clear path to the doorway.

Also, don’t forget storage space, which will help to keep your bedroom neat and tidy and give it more depth and character. Much of your decisions on storage will relate back to the size of the area. However, playing around with the layout can help you make better use of the space. If you need a lot of storage, but are tight on wall space – choose an oak wardrobe with drawers and utilise storage space under the bed oak instead, or why not add an oak blanket box at the foot of the bed for extra storage and seating.

Match the style

The final consideration when buying oak bedroom furniture is to decide on a style that matches your décor. Whether it’s contemporary designs or traditional is up to you, but keeping a theme with oak furniture will make the room look and feel more unified.

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