How to create a rustic feel in a modern home with oak dining furniture

How to create a rustic feel in a modern home with oak dining furniture

oak dining furnitureIf you have a modern home, you might feel you can’t incorporate a rustic theme into your interior design. However, just because you may live in a relatively new house, or even have a modern take on your decor, you can still incorporate a number of different aspects. It is possible to give you a warm, comfortable and rustic feel with plenty of character and style. This can be done with oak dining furniture or other great oak features.

The wonders of oak dining furniture – or oak in general

A very effective way to bring a little rustic chic into your home is to purchase some gorgeous oak furniture. Whether you want to add warmth and character to your living room with rustic-style oak lounge furniture, or create a country-kitchen feel in your kitchen/dining room with beautiful oak dining furniture – the possibilities are endless.

As a material, oak works well in a variety of different styles. However, when it comes to rustic, the natural grain, texture and beauty of oak instantly catches the eye. The simple and functional designs of rustic pieces complement almost any interior design theme, either blending in or creating a wonderful focal point.

With rustic oak furniture you have so many different choices. For example, our Provence and Devon ranges offer a wonderful blend of classic designs. With rich wooden textures and rustic beauty they can work anywhere in your home, from quaint bedside tables and bed frames to stunning oak dressers and coffee tables.

Make rustic a feature

oak furnitureSignificant furniture pieces are probably the most effective way of bringing country chic into your home. However, there are other smaller features that can also work really well to enhance your interior design.

Add richness and texture to a plain room, by using wooden decorative features, such as oak mirrors, wooden wall art and small furniture items. Examples would be a nest of oak tables in the lounge or an oak blanket box in a bedroom. However, other little trinkets, such as vintage-style crockery, picture frames and wicker baskets with a rustic theme will also help to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Fabulous fabrics

Of course, you can also add plenty of character by using different fabrics and textiles too.You can do this by choosing country-cottage style fabrics for your curtains, sofa or even a statement armchair. You could also add plush woollen throws, cute cushions and more throughout your home.

Making your home look rustic is easy with a little thought and the right furniture. Why not bring a little rustic charm into yours?

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